Florida Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Florida Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers
As a client you may not understand the difference between filing your case in state court or federal court, but we do and it’s important your law firm has Florida Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers who are qualified to represent you in either jurisdiction.

Federal Court

Federal courts are designed to address disputes involving the U.S. Constitution and may address cases of limited jurisdiction under federal laws. Often the amount in controversy exceeds $75,000. It is important to remember that the United States Government has unlimited resources at its disposal. Federal investigations last for months and sometimes years. This process greatly changes how Federal cases are handled by experienced attorneys. It is one of the many reasons why an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer is necessary to properly handle your complex case.

State Court

State courts address a broader jurisdiction and many civil issues in dispute are more appropriate for state court. Meanwhile some cases are appropriate in either jurisdiction.

Florida Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers with Experience

Knowing our way around both courts, we offer the experience to decide the court which offers the most advantage to our client. We offer Free Consultations and are ready to get started protecting your rights. Call or contact us to get started.

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