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The first thing you should consider when you believe you’ve been injured by a doctor or hospital is the expertise of the law firm you select, and the Jacksonville Medical Malpractice attorneys at HGR have a tenured track record to secure justice for you. Medical malpractice cases require your legal team to conduct in-depth research, both of a medical nature and into the facility or doctor. Ultimately our goal is to present your medical malpractice case to a jury that will award you compensatory damages. In order to present a persuasive case, we will fact-find, hire the medical experts, interview witnesses, and put in the long hours required to present a thorough case that leaves no doubt that negligence on the part of the medical professional or facility contributed to the patient’s injuries or death.

Medical malpractice is not uncommon and incidents are reportedly on the rise. At the same time changes have been put in place that does not benefit the injured patient. Jury awards are often capped or limited by state statutes, the standard of care may be vague and experts may not agree. If you feel a doctor or hospital failed to diagnose you or a loved one in a timely manner, issued the wrong prescription drug, or delayed a necessary life-saving treatment, contact HGR and allow us to uncover the facts of the case and fight for you.

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