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“Slip and Fall” accidents refer to occurrences in which an individual is injured by a trip, slip, or fall because of a threatening condition on a property. These types of falls could occur outside or inside the premises (also referred to as Premise Accidents), and can be caused by conditions such as wet floors, bad flooring, badly lit steps, or, within the instance of exterior accidents, weather-associated or concealed hazards. If you or a family member is suffering injuries because of a dangerous area on private or public property, you may be able to search for compensation for the injury. Contact the Jacksonville Slip and Fall attorneys at Harris Guidi Rosner, P.A. for a free and confidential personal injury case consultation.

Deciding Negligence within a Slip and Fall Injury

Slip and fall injuries are covered by negligence law that handles the concept of building liability. Owners of buildings possess a “responsibility of care” to provide safe and secure property. It involves ensuring that the property has no structural defects which might lead to injuries, both outside and in. The premise owner might additionally have a duty to decrease problematic spaces caused by weather conditions. Defects may involve:

  • Loose tiles, rugs, or floor mats
  • Water upon walkways, stairs, or floors
  • Poorly lit steps or stairs
  • Holes or cracks in parking lots or sidewalks
  • Loose railing upon balconies, ramps, or stairs
  • Unmarked drop-offs on walkways

How Could You Assist in Improving Your Odds within Settlements?

If you have a slip and fall injury, you should first search for the right clinical attention for the slip and fall accidents. Then, contact one of our experienced Florida premise liability attorneys. We will review your case and attempt to determine what caused your fall and if it might have been prevented and anticipated. If anybody witnessed the fall, be certain to obtain the address and name of every witness. Attempt to make notations of the conditions within the space – was the lighting bad, were the stairs broken, or was there a substance that caused you to slip? If you slipped due to something on the floor, attempt to get a sample.

It’ll be your duty to prove that a danger existed and that it caused the injury. In Florida, it’s the claimant’s burden to prove that a danger existed for quite some time and that a prudent owner would’ve found and repaired the defect.

Jacksonville Slip and Fall Attorneys – Your Representative

From severe brain damage to fractured bones, if you or a loved one are injured and require legal help with a slip and fall accident, call one of our Jacksonville slip and fall attorneys.

The first consultation will be complimentary, and if one of our Jacksonville premise liability attorneys takes on your cases, we’ll agree to work on a contingency basis, meaning we’ll be paid for services only if you receive a financial recovery. In most instances, lawsuits have to be filed prior to the applicable expiration date, referred to as the statute of limitations. Please contact us today to ensure you don’t waive your right to compensation because the statute of limitations has passed. Contact our Premise liability attorneys today.

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