MySpace and Facebook in Wrongful Death Cases

MySpace and Facebook in Wrongful Death Cases

I have learned a great deal about defendants in my personal and wrongful death cases by researching their MySpace and/or Facebook sites. In fact, we basically won a wrongful death case in Jacksonville by using MySpace information and photographs to prove the defendants were lying about how an incident occurred which resulted in the tragic death of our client’s son.

After the depositions, the insurance company paid the full policy limits to settle. More and more we are seeing insurance company lawyers questioning our clients about their MySpace sites and the photos on the site. Please remember, these sites are 100% public and will be used against you in a civil personal or wrongful death case. The other side can now obtain all your information, including photos, by subpoena. Be very careful. Clean up your site content today!

Monday May 31st Jacksonville Times Union has an all too familiar story about this on the front page.

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