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Do I Qualify For Social Security Benefits?

We get calls almost every day from people wanting to know “Do I qualify for Social Security benefits?” The short answer is that if you…

Jerry Pryor

Why You Need To Consider Hiring A Social Disability Lawyer

Florida’s Social Security Disability laws may be a complicated subject to handle on your own. If you need to file a claim without the help…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Tips to Secure Social Security Disability Insurance Approval

Any employee who has worked long enough in a company covered by Social Security and pays their contributions for Social Security can apply for the…

Harris Guidi Rosner

You’re Unable To Work. Do You Qualify For Social Security Disability?

There are many factors that go into why someone would apply for Social Security Disability. For example, have you been injured? Has your injury caused…

Harris Guidi Rosner

3 Factors to Consider to Become Eligible for a Social Security Disability Benefits

Many people are at the risk of running into a myriad of accidents – whether in a vehicle collision, a bone-breaking fall, and more. Even…

Harris Guidi Rosner

How to apply for social security

From car accidents to an unpredictable stroke, there are many reasons why you may suddenly become disabled. Although some impairments allow you to continue working,…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Can My Social Security Benefits Be Garnished?

Social Security recipients often deal with great financial stress.  Typically, they may be unable to work due to age or disability and debt tends to…

Harris Guidi Rosner

I’ve Been Approved for Disability Benefits…Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve either been approved for disability benefits by a Social Security Administration (SSA) judge or adjudicator and now you are wondering what happens next.…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Can I Hire an Attorney to Speed Up My SSI Case?

One common misconception of Social Security Claimants is that by hiring an attorney, their case will be heard or processed quicker than without hiring an…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Can I Hire a Social Security Lawyer to Help Me Fill Out All of These Forms?

Can I Hire a Social Security Lawyer to Help Me Fill Out All of These Forms? Anyone who has ever applied for Social Security benefits…

Harris Guidi Rosner

How Does a Government Shutdown Affect Social Security?

With the current government shutdown, a common question is how it affects the Social Security Administration operations. Social Security tries to lessen the effect of…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Receiving Disability Is Hard on Workaholics

Receiving Disability Is Hard on Workaholics In today’s connected world, it is easy to become a workaholic doing work that you love and leave very…

Harris Guidi Rosner


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