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Unpacking The Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

Most people understand that following a personal injury, whether it is an automobile accident, slip and fall, or another injury caused by another’s negligence, it…

Peter Shutters

Why Different Types of Insurance Matter To Personal Injury Clients

When somebody is hurt in an accident, the first question we must address is “did someone act negligently or in a manner that they failed…

Chase Harris

Different Types Of Personal Injury Claims – What To Know

Personal injury cases involve two or more parties—a plaintiff, the one harmed, and a Defendant who allegedly caused harm. In a personal injury case, an…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Pre-existing Conditions and How They Affect Personal Injury Claims

Getting injured due to an accident can leave you with a lengthy hospitable bill and a loss of income, so you’ll likely want to seek…

Harris Guidi Rosner

How to Deal with the Aftermath of a Car Accident

Jacksonville is a city with so much to offer with its combination of laid back beaches and bustling city. With so much to do and…

Harris Guidi Rosner

What to Know About the Element of Causation in Personal Injury Cases

There are four key elements to the proof of any Tort action, including Personal Injury. They are: Duty Breach Causation Damages While many focus on…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Understanding Personal Injury Settlements and When They Should be Used

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, roughly 97% of personal injury lawsuits never go to trial and are instead settled or dismissed without a…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Measuring and Compensating for Pain and Suffering in Florida

Injuries are an unfortunate reality that some people face. Often these cause varying degrees of pain and suffering, and in certain cases, these also come…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Claims: What to Know

An injury caused by another person’s negligence is a frustrating and sometimes tragic event. A personal injury action can provide you with the financial compensation…

Harris Guidi Rosner

When to Hire an Attorney

There are dozens of legal issues that might require the help of an attorney. Whether to combat a wrongful termination, start a business, or evaluate…

Harris Guidi Rosner

4 Factors to Look For When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you get caught in an accident that leaves you helpless and traumatized, it’s crucial to have a personal injury lawyer who can stand by…

Harris Guidi Rosner

What is product liability?

Everything that we purchase is not guaranteed to be accident-proof. However, manufacturers and distributors are required to have certain standards to ensure the safety of…

Harris Guidi Rosner


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