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What To Do After a Car Crash

Many clients talk about the shock that takes place after they’re involved in a car crash. This shock can last from just a few seconds to several minutes or more and occurs both in large, significant crashes, and even small fender benders. Either way, any type of collision can be disorienting so it’s important to know what to do after a car crash.

When a crash occurs, the first thing you should do is check yourself and your passengers to ensure that you can safely exit the vehicle. When exiting the vehicle, be careful to check your surroundings to make sure you are safe to stand off, away from traffic.  After you exit the vehicle, call 911 to notify law enforcement. Depending upon the severity of the injuries, it may take some time for them to arrive, so you will want to call them right away. 

Once you are safely out of the vehicle, make contact with the other driver and exchange contact information. You will want to make sure you obtain:

  • Full names and contact information.
  • Insurance company and policy numbers
  • Driver’s license and license plate numbers
  • Vehicle type, color, and model
  •  Location of the accident

We recommend taking a photograph of all of these items if the other driver gives you permission to do so. You will also want to take plenty of pictures of the vehicles involved to ensure that all of the damage is properly photographed, as well as photographs of your injuries at the scene. Once law enforcement arrives, you will want to make sure to give as much detail as possible about what transpired, as they are going to prepare a crash report based on the information provided to them. 

After going through this process, seek medical attention. This can vary from going to the emergency room to scheduling an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. With the rush of adrenaline at the scene, many people who are involved in car crashes will indicate that they are not injured, only to go home or go to work and find that they are in significant pain. This is very common, so we always recommend seeing a doctor after a crash as soon as possible.

You will also want to contact your auto insurance carrier as soon as possible to open a claim. They will gather significant information from you, and in many cases, depending upon your insurance coverage, coordinate the repair of your vehicle. 

Next, we always recommend hiring a lawyer. When you are injured in a crash and your car is damaged, there are many moving pieces, and phone calls to be coordinated, that a lawyer can coordinate for you. At HGR,  can handle all of the phone calls with adjusters for both your insurance carrier and the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier, as well as assisting with the vehicle repairs if problems arise. We can find out insurance coverages, and explain them to you fully to ensure that you are fully aware of what goes into a personal injury case.

Most personal injury cases last at least several months, if not several years. You will want to make sure that you hire someone you are comfortable asking questions of and responsive, as the process takes time while you heal from your injuries. We offer free consultations and our attorneys are just a phone call away at 904-777-7777.

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Chase Harris

Chase Harris spent 4 years as an Assistant State Attorney in the Fourth Judicial Circuit. At the State Attorney’s Office, Chase prosecuted a variety of criminal charges ranging from misdemeanor offenses to serious violent felony charges, including homicide and attempted homicide.