Can I Hire an Attorney to Speed Up My SSI Case?

One common misconception of Social Security Claimants is that by hiring an attorney, their case will be heard or processed quicker than without hiring an attorney. Unfortunately, that is typically not the case. However, there are a few circumstances where an attorney can help try to speed up your case.

One way is by requesting an on-the-record review (an OTR). Our team will only request these on behalf of my client when the medical evidence supporting your case is very strong – and the medical evidence that supports the claim is what Social Security likes to see in your type of case. These are relatively rare, as the medical evidence needed by SSA is often restrictive and must read a certain way.

Another way we can help expedite a hearing is by requesting it to be expedited based on dire need. Dire need is defined by SSA as being in danger of losing your home (through eviction or foreclosure), or in danger of losing your medical treatment or prescribed medications. This request requires documentation regarding the situation (i.e., a statement from your treating doctor about the deteriorating condition or need for medication, or copies of foreclosure or eviction notices).

The last way we can help expedite a claim is by contacting the office of our local representatives. When I contact the office, I simply ask for the office to look into why it is taking so long to get a hearing scheduled. The office looks into it, and may very well help us get the hearing scheduled quicker than normal. I often also advocate for my clients to contact their local Senator or Representative to express their frustration at the extreme backlog within the Social Security system.

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