Truthful Information is Key to a Successful Relationship

At Harris, Guidi,& Rosner we ensure that our clients have all the information necessary at the time that settlement discussions are being considered so that the client’s decision to resolve their case is based on all the informed consent.  In the event that a matter does no resolve through settlement, we are the law firm that will file the lawsuit and move the case into litigation for our clients.  The same attorney that initially meets with the client is the same attorney that handles the settlement negotiations on behalf of that client and furthermore is the same attorney that will handle the lawsuit and the litigation, if necessary. 

At Harris, Guidi, & Rosner, our firm has built reputation,  after 31 years in Northeast Florida, for aggressive and considerate representation. We work with other attorneys, adjusters, and the judiciary, with fairness and truthfulness in every case.  We strive for zealous representation and the search for truth through admissible evidence.  The attorneys at Harris, Guidi, & Rosner will always show respect and candor to all involved in the case, whether directly or indirectly.   We make every effort not to embarrass, delay or burden any third party nor conduct any litigation or discovery that might violate the legal rights of any third party.  The benefit in hiring Harris, Guidi, & Rosner comes from the wisdom discussed across disciplines with our attorneys over key cases and events, and often strategy with one another in an effort to best represent our clients.  

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