Measuring and Compensating for Pain and Suffering in Florida

Injuries are an unfortunate reality that some people face. Often these cause varying degrees of pain and suffering, and in certain cases, these also come…

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The Steps to Properly Building a Workplace Injury Case

Nobody wants to be the victim of a workplace accident. Not only can it cause you to lose your income, but it can also negatively…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Getting Comp Checks If Terminated or Furloughed – A Guide

Your employer must create a safe work environment and ensure the safety of their employees. Unfortunately, workplace accidents can happen, no matter how careful you…

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What it Means to Be a Co-Guardian in Florida

If a minor or incapacitated adult cannot make decisions on their own, a Florida court might choose to appoint a guardian. A guardian pertains to…

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What Does Florida’s ‘Timesharing’ Mean?

The legal system can be difficult to navigate, especially when you are in an issue that affects the care and wellbeing of children. To add…

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Proving Negligence in Personal Injury Claims: What to Know

An injury caused by another person’s negligence is a frustrating and sometimes tragic event. A personal injury action can provide you with the financial compensation…

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Available Coverage After a Work-Related Vehicular Accident

It is very common that people are injured in a motor vehicle accident while they are working or performing job related responsibilities. In these cases,…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Workers’ Compensation Claims: 7 Common Reasons for Employees

All business owners, including supervisors and managers, are responsible for making their working environment safe for all their employees, regardless of what industry they are…

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How to Find the Right Wrongful Death Attorney – Our Guide

Losing a loved one is undoubtedly a painful experience for anyone. However, if your loved one was a victim of wrongful death, it Is crucial…

Harris Guidi Rosner

What You Should Know About Construction Site Accidents

Workers can get hurt doing any job, but some professions are inherently more dangerous than others. Construction sites, in particular, are often the site of…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Why Speaking to Prospective Attorneys is a Must Before Hiring

Choosing just the right lawyer can be a daunting decision since there are so many things to consider. As you search for the attorney that…

Harris Guidi Rosner

How Do You Know You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

When in trouble with the law, laying low won’t do you any favors. While it is important to refrain from exacerbating the circumstances, knowing when…

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