Benefits of Hiring A Private Criminal Defense Attorney

When getting arrested for a criminal charge it can be overwhelming deciding what the first steps are. You will have the stress of finding an attorney to help guide you and represent you through the whole process. The first step would be to decide whether to go with a public defender or a private criminal defense attorney. Hiring a private criminal defense attorney holds a lot of benefits such as being able to personally choose the lawyer, have more time with that attorney, and being able to reach them more easily. The biggest question is, “Do I need to hire a private criminal defense attorney over a public defender?”

Choosing The Right Attorney For You

It’s very important to choose an attorney that you feel comfortable with and know will represent you in the best way possible. With going with a private firm, you have more control over who you get to represent you.

More Time With Your Attorney

Often a public defender will have a lot more cases they handle at once. They may not always be able to give you the attention you need or desire. A private attorney takes on fewer cases to give each client the attention they deserve to get the best outcome.

Attorney Is Easily Reached

Have questions about your case or need advice regarding legal matters? Your private attorney will be there to answer all of those! They are easily reached because you are one of their priorities and there to make you feel less stressed and more at ease!

Making the decision between a public defender and a private criminal defense attorney can be tough. It depends on what you want out of it and what your situation is. For more information on criminal defense and private criminal defense attorneys visit here.

Harris Guidi Rosner