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Why Hire a Local Lawyer?

They Know the Right People Hiring a local attorney to represent you gives you many advantages over a non-local attorney. During the initial meeting, a…

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Which Partner Keeps the House in a Divorce?

There are many critical questions that arise during a divorce. One of the most impactful is, “Which partner keeps the house?” because a house is…

Harris Guidi Rosner

What is a Premarital Asset?

When a couple files for divorce in Florida, the court is supposed to divide their assets equitably, or fairly. “Equitable distribution” does not necessarily mean…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Understanding Florida’s “No-Fault” Laws

Car accidents are a top cause of personal injury in Florida. According to the data from Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles 341,399…

Harris Guidi Rosner

3 Things to Expect with a DUI in Florida

When someone is arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in the State of Florida they can face serious consequences. A conviction can result in…

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The Steps to Properly Building a Workplace Injury Case

Nobody wants to be the victim of a workplace accident. Not only can it cause you to lose your income, but it can also negatively…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Available Coverage After a Work-Related Vehicular Accident

It is very common that people are injured in a motor vehicle accident while they are working or performing job related responsibilities. In these cases,…

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3 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Lawyer

Lawyers are necessary when it comes to all things legal, be it handling a difficult divorce, drafting wills and testaments, and even child custody battles.…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Reasons to Talk to an Attorney

Few people consult with a lawyer when they do not have pending cases. Often, people seek attorneys for legal representation in court or as mediators…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Reasons to Hire a Local Attorney

When you find yourself in a legal bind, you want to make sure you are obtaining the best representation. You don’t want to put your…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney After a Dog Bite

Dogs are often known as man’s best friend. They are a popular pet and are loyal, kind, and supportive to owners of all ages. Although,…

Harris Guidi Rosner

Consideration for All Our Clients, Past and Current

At Harris, Guidi, Rosner, we take great effort in ensuring that a potential new client does not pose any form of conflict of interest for…

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